The Deep Blue Yonder

A light in the darkness.

I started off feeling a bit miserable this morning – I don’t know why, I’m beginning to think it might be those naughty little wotsits they call HORMONES, but I’ve decided I’m not going to give in to them. I like the line from Emma Thompson’s character in Love Actually

No one loves a sissy

Well at least I think it’s something like that. Anyway, I was sitting here thinking blue thoughts – that’s miserable thoughts, not the other kind of blue, thank-you very much – and browsing around on the internet, when look what I found in my inbox from iStockphoto. This is this week’s free image (it’s the one above). Well, I have to say, seeing that, I just couldn’t feel blue any more.

What a lovely peaceful, tranquil image, almost something you could meditate on. So thank you to the powers that be at iStockphoto, you’ve made at least one person very happy.


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