Peregrine on the fence

It’s usually me who spots the unusual visitors to our garden, but it was the husband who spotted this little chap, sitting on the fence yesterday afternoon.

Dreadful picture I admit, but I was excited and if I’d opened the door, he’d have been off. But take it from me, it’s a peregrine falcon. He was kind enough to stay there while I went and searched in my bird book, just to make sure.

I love these unexpected moments.


2 thoughts on “Peregrine on the fence

  1. Hi – cant really see the detail but you sure its not a Sparrowhawk – they are know to seek prey in domestic gardens? Peregrines tend to take their prey quite literally out of the skies, have seen them do it.It the bird has a black hood, it is a pergrine, if its mainly mottled brown plumage its a Sparrowhawk. Either way it is rare to catch on camera!

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