Welcome to Mostly Motley.

What do you get if you take a child of the 1960s who loves old historic places, reading, sewing tapestry, drawing, listening to music from Prokofiev to Pink Floyd, pigs, and single malt whisky, and add a husband, children, a garden, a mad rescue dog and a deep desire to be able to stay calm in the midst of chaos?


You’re very welcome to come along for the ride.

P.S. In an attempt not to bore the pants off too many people, I keep my needlepoint habit and my ramblings on historical places separate from Mostly Motley. If you want to go exploring those blogs you can find them by clicking the links on the side-bar, or the menu. 


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi , I am joining the Blog Awards Trail and have nominated your blog for an award – VERY INSPIRING BLOGGER AWARD. If you havent seen this yet you can read more about it on my blog, if you have already done this or you are not interested thats ok!

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