First frost…


Well I admit it was only just a frost, nothing terribly dramatic, but the first of the autumn around here. In fact by the time the delinquent dog and I made it out this morning, the sun was blazing and the frost almost gone – it is a beautiful day now, a true autumn glory.

If Number One daughter emerges from her cocoon, we might make it to Stowe Gardens for a stomp through the leaves…




Nature’s pick-me-up…

I’ve been a bit up and down over the weekend – I’m blaming the hormones.

But it was difficult to feel anything other than pure happiness, seeing the sunlight on the trees across the way, and the frost coated field in between.

The air was crisp, but the ground is still soggy – it will need to be colder for longer before the muddy paths freeze to crunchiness.

I love days like this.

First frosts, last roses…

We’ve had a few frosts here this week. Yesterday, I couldn’t help noticing that one of my roses was still putting out blooms.

After I’d walked the dog, I took the camera into the garden to capture the splash of colour – the frost already turned to water.

The roses have been good this year and I always feel a bit sad as we go into the winter without their rich colours to warm us up.

I thought that might have been the last, but on a closer look, I found these…


I suppose they might not make it to full bloom, but these perfect buds give me a little thrill – there’s something so beautiful about roses.

Hope you’re warm and cosy.